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         Dimethyl sulfate
         Sodium sulfate
         Sulfuric acid
         Dimethyl ether

        Our Dimethyl sulfate (DMS) are made by new sulfur method.

        Molecular formula:(CH3)2SO4
        Molecular weight:126.1

        1, Properties
        colorless transparent oily liquid, Boiling point 188oC(decompose),Freeze point:-27oC, Specific gravity in 20oC:1.3322, slight soluble in water, Solubility in 18oC 2.8g/100ml.

        2, Quality standard

        Name Value
        Appearance colorless transparent oily liquid
        Assay(%) ≥99
        Acidity(%) ≤0.5
        Boiling range: percent recovered in 182-192oC的 %(V) ≥90
        Products: Nitromethane

        Molecular formula:CH3NO2   Molecular weight:61.0
        1, Properties
        colorless oily liquid, Specific gravity1.139(20/20℃),Boiling point 101℃, Freeze point-29℃, Flash point 35℃, Self-ignition temp. 785F, Refractive index 1.380(22℃)

        Used as solvent, combustion adjuvant, and surfactant of cellulose compound, polymer, resin, coating and waxing matter, or the material; moreover, it can be used in explosive, medicine, dye, insecticide and gasoline additives, etc.

        3, Quality standard

        Value Name Value
        Appearance colorless liquid
        Specification ≥99.0% 
        Moisture ≤0.5%-0.2%

        4, Packing & storage
        Do not contact with oxidant and alkali. Sealed, kept in cool, dry and heat-insulating place, avoid the sunlight directly. It should be stored in the anticorrosive and anti-low-pressure container, i.e. plastic drum or plastic lined metal pail, with the symbols of anti-fire and toxic matter.

        Products: Sodium sulfate


        Products: Sulfuric acid


        Products: Dimethyl ether


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